How to Fix Common Resume Flaws

Your resume is your business autobiography, telling a story of where you have been and what you have done.  When job hunting, it is your most important tool and conversation starter: it also doesn’t lie and might reveal some gaps that could prevent you from getting the job you want.  The article, “6 Major Resume Flaws (and How to Fix Them),” by Stephanie Taylor Christensen reveals ways to smooth over any imperfections that might be present while maintaining the truth behind your resume.  These 6 flaws are…
1. You want to change industry but, don’t have the experience
2. Your college degree isn’t aligned with your job
3. There are time gaps between jobs
4. There are a lot of jobs on your resume
5. Your resume is too long, but you don’t know what to cut out
6. Your a new professional with lots of part-time job history
Visit the article to learn how to fix these common issues to better highlight the positives about your history.