Job Searching While Employed

In an ideal world, everyone would gladly stay at their companies for years, happily working, loving their careers, all while making plenty of money. However, as humans, we sometimes tire from routine, and seek change. in the article, How to Keep Your Job Search Secret , Amy Gallo explains how to job search while still employed. As mentioned in a previous blog post, evaluating what you are good at and pitching a potential new career path to your boss may help you to stay in your company, freshen your resume with a new skill set, and avoid burning any bridges.
Gallo also writes that the only time  it is necessary to notify your boss that you’re seeking new employment, is when you have a good relationship with them. Otherwise, keep your lips sealed until you receive an offer. Do not accept counter offers upon resigning and accepting a job, it shows that you are easily motivated by money, and is in general a poor career decision.
The article concludes with the top six principles to keep in mind:

  • Consider internal opportunities before looking elsewhere
  • Be careful about who you tell you’re on the job market
  • Give a minimum of two weeks notice and more if you are senior or involved in an important project


  • Tell your boss that you’re looking for another job unless you have a good relationship
  • Make up fake appointments to go on interviews – use vacation or personal time instead
  • Consider the counteroffer—it’s usually an unsubstantiated promise