Improving Productivity at the Workplace: 12 Tips

How productive employees are can be a major defining factor for a companies bottom-line and, ultimately, its success and sustainability. It is important to realize that merely recruiting the best talent does not alone guarantee success, they need to have the the proper environment to truly unleash their full potential.
For example: a Bugatti, a high performance vehicle, cannot be driven to its full speed simply on our local roads and highways. To unleash its true power and speed, one needs the proper strip of road (even a runway) to realize this vehicles true potential. All this being said, what are a few factors that can help to improve the employee productivity at the workplace?’s article, “12 Ways To Improve Productivity At The Workplace” dives into detail more on these twelve tips:

  • Accountability
  • Follow up
  • Manage the work force but avoid micromanagement
  • Encourage, motivate, reward and recognize
  • Reach out to employees by seeking them out
  • Demand realistic targets
  • Team work
  • Ensure that people enjoy their work
  • Break the monotony and rotate
  • Courses and improvement options
  • Spend less time on meetings and more on action
  • Tools and equipment to raise productivity