Happy Friday! What Will You Do This Weekend?

Success doesn’t always take a weekend off, but you don’t have to be working to continue your success.  The article, “14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends,” by Jacquelyn Smith lists the things smart people do on their time off to make them more successful on-the-clock.  They are…
1. Spend time with friends and family
2. Exercise
3. Pursue your passion
4. Go on a Vacation
5. Disconnect
6. Volunteer
7. Avoid chores
8. Plan for the next week
9. Socialize
10. Go “do” something
11. Network
12. Reflect
13. Meditate
14. Recharge
From the list you can see that very little is work-related; time-off should be just that…time-off.  Visit the article for more information on each point and how it can help you become more professionally successful.