Happy Father’s Day!

In celebration of our fathers, we would like to thank the men in our lives who taught us how to face our fears.  Whenever we fell while learning something new, literally or figuratively, our dads picked us up and encouraged us to try again.  Fathers teach us how to not give up when the going gets rough.  They train us to try again, more wisely, after a failure.  Our fathers are the consultants in our lives.  Their level-headed advice is always able to get us back on track when we have drifted away from our path.  The endless love and support they provide begets our confidence in our endeavors, whether successful or not.
Father’s Day is the recognition of our dads who built us into stronger, more resilient people.  Father’s Day not only celebrates the wonderful men who raised us, but the successful collaboration of both of our parents to raise a vulnerable, fragile child into a productive and flourishing person.  Our parents were thrown into the world of parenthood upon leaving the delivery room and had the difficult task of adapting their parenting method to the unique needs of their offspring.
Thank you, fathers, for building us into the people we are today.