The New Age of Talent

With the changing of times, finding qualified and available talent is becoming increasingly difficult.  Stephen Lowisz, of, proposes several questions that can accurately delineate whether or not your company is addressing this new struggle for talent efficiently.  Of these questions, the common denominator is whether or not your company is focusing their attention in the right areas.  The areas of question are:
What is the value your company offers to your candidate?  How effective are you communicating this value to your candidates?
How well are you utilizing networking– social and traditional?
How efficient is your hiring process?  Are you remembering to touch on every candidate in your pipeline?
How effective are your interviews?  Do the questions you ask accurately narrow down who is the best cultural and skill match?
The article, “4 Strategies to Address the Coming War for Talent,” is a great read for any hiring authority trying to get ahead in the “war for talent.”