Groundbreaking Software Company Seeks Executive Apprentice

Our client sells groundbreaking software to the wireless industry.  This company is only a year old, but had eight million dollars in revenue last year; in addition, they are projected to more-than double their revenue in 2012!  With this extreme growth, this company is tracking to be number five or six of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  The CEO of the company is actively seeking a bright and energetic Executive Apprentice to shadow him.  This individual will be a crucial team member and will have exposure and high levels of input within all divisions of this organization.  Ideal candidates will have talents in marketing and operations/project management and communications.  Additionally, they will possess a Bachelor’s degree in a business related field (Masters or MBA preferred), have a track record of providing and executing business solutions, be bilingual (German or Mandarin preferred), and be extremely technology/internet savvy.  This position is a unique opportunity to be groomed into a senior leadership role within this organization within a short period of time.  If interested in this opportunity, please contact Katie Owens at or 404-327-5209.