Glimpse into the Life of a Rowland Mountain Intern 5

This week is very sad for me, today in particular. This is my last day in the office, so I have been trying to get all my projects done and move by stuff over to another cube so Chris can move to my desk to be closer to Tricia and Julie. I am going to miss being in the office very much. The people who work here have been so nice to me and have really taught me a lot during my time here.

I have learned so much in my internship, not only in the project I have done but in watching the way things work in the office.

I get more comfortable everyday with making phone calls or doing research so I am sad that I will now be switching to marketing. I am going to be doing strictly marketing projects while in Macon because it will be too hard to be kept up to date on all of the job orders we are working on. Although, I am sure once I get started on the marketing it will be hard to stop.