Employee Spotlight: Edward Missinne


Name: Edward Missinne


Hometown: Marietta, GA


Position: Intern


Background info:

I moved to Georgia after graduating college, after which I began to explore possible career paths by first teaching afterschool science, then becoming a personal trainer, working at hospitals, and finally, taking an internship with a National Park in Arkansas.  After again returning, I attended Georgia State University to satisfy some of pre-med requirements.


How has Rowland Mountain played an integral part in your career?

Although I have only been with the company a short while, I have found that working for Rowland Mountain is boosting my confidence when speaking with clients and customers, as well as molding an assertive attitude in both professional and personal realms.



BA in Biology from the Colorado College (2008)

ACE Personal Trainer


What do you love about recruiting?

I enjoy researching candidates and sifting through the piles to find “diamonds in the rough”.  I also look forward to outcomes of the process, where I want to have assisted the team by finding the candidates they would want to refer to clientele.


What jobs do you most enjoy recruiting for?

The plastics industry is more diverse and creative than I expected, where I have found that I most enjoy finding entry level and midlevel candidates in this industry, as these positions are the most difficult to be found in the online databases we use.


What do you enjoy doing while not working?

Currently, I am trying to start up an online magazine with some friends from college.  I am also studying for graduate/professional school entrance exams, which takes up a large chunk of personal time.  In between, I run, go to the pool, play tennis, and hang with my little brother.


Interesting/fun fact about yourself:


I love white boards.