Getting Back to Work After the Holidays

After time spent celebrating the holiday season with loved ones, it can be hard to get back into ‘work-mode’ once vacation has ended.  The article, “5 Steps to get Back into the Work Mindset,” by Shala Marks, provides steps in which you can follow to ease yourself back into a 9-to-5 routine, despite how daunting it may be.  These steps are…
1. Rest at Least 1 Day Before Going Back to Work
2. Get a Head Start
3. Follow-up on Unfinished Tasks
4. Review Your New Year Goals
5. Talk with Coworkers
These are all small things that can help smooth the transition from a vacation to a work-focused mindset.  The article further details each step and provides examples on how each can be accomplished.
Here’s to hoping everyone had a pleasant and productive return to work!