Employee Spotlight: Wes Washington


Name: Weslee Mountain Washington                     

Hometown: Auburn, AL

Position: Search Executive           

Background info:

I started my career with Liberty Mutual Commercial Insurance.  LMCI is the Nation’s largest writer of workers’ compensation insurance and employees over 36,000.  In my first full year of sales I won Rookie of the Year and Liberty Leaders.  After four successful years with Liberty and three promotions, I joined The Crichton Group.  The Crichton Group is Tennessee’s largest privately held insurance agency.  I focused on industrial risk in distribution, manufacturing, and Oil/Gas.  I was tremendously successful in a tough market qualifying twice for the Presidents Club.  In 2008, I joined RMA as a Search Executive.  After battling the poor market in 2009, I had a stellar year in 2010 for RMA leading all billers and earned the Search Executive of the Year. 

How has Rowland Mountain played an integral part in your career?

RMA originally impacted my career by placing with Liberty Mutual.  As a candidate they provided multiple opportunities which would lead to multiple offers allowing me to make the decision that fit my career best.  When I joined their team in 2008, I had the opportunity to help impact others careers as they had impacted mine.

Years of experience: 12 years


BA in Economics Auburn University- 2011 National Champions

What do you love about recruiting? 

Besides who a person marries or what religion they decide to follow, there is only one other decision as big as where they are going to work.  Having the opportunity to impact a person’s career is a huge responsibility that can impact their family for generations.  I enjoy bringing those opportunities to people.

What jobs do you most enjoy recruiting for? 

Tough question!  I would probably say I enjoy the sales leadership positions the most.  Interacting with leaders of a company and getting to see what they envision for their company is always very enjoyable.  Helping them deliver on that vision is a tremendous reward.

What do you enjoy doing while not working?

I am an outdoor enthusiast.  While not working I spend the majority of my time around a body of water or in the woods.  I am a lucky man that my family enjoys being outdoors as well, so as a family we get to spend quality time doing things we love.

Interesting/fun fact about yourself:

My family has 5 generations alive and well.