Employee Spotlight: Mary Cate Prendergast

Name: Mary Cate Prendergast

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Position: Marketing and Research Associate

How has Rowland Mountain played an integral part in your career?

Working at Rowland Mountain has shown me a side of the business world I have never seen before. Everything that I learned in a classroom I have seen working at Rowland Mountain as well as many things that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Education: Mercer University, Marketing Management

What do you love about recruiting?

I love being able to help people make a significant change in their life. It is so exciting to find a candidate that moves along in the hiring process. It is like rooting for a team, you want them to do well.

What jobs do you most enjoy recruiting for?

I love marketing jobs because that is my major but also I love the high tech jobs because I get to learn about how things work.

Interesting/fun fact about yourself:

I want to open a bakery one day!