Are More Skills Needed in a Post-Recession Market?

The economy is rebuilding but it is a slow process. Companies cannot afford to hire mediocre workers. Jobs are hard to come by and only the top performers are going to be able to find them. Companies are doing more cross-training to keep their company lean. If someone is out on vacation, but another emplyee knows how to do the job, the company can keep functioning at the same level. The article “Jobs in Post-recession USA Demand Multiple Skills” says, “Forty percent of firms planning to hire have had job openings at least six months, according to a survey released last month by McKinsey Global Institute.” The article “Employers Preparing for Post-Recession Job Market” shares similar information. This article states, “47 percent of employers cited under-qualified applicants as their most common hiring challenge. Employers said that, on average, 44 percent of the résumés they receive are from unqualified candidates. As a result, employers are open to paying for great talent; 61 percent said their companies are willing to negotiate a higher salary for qualified candidates.”
In this economy, employees will have to work harder to get back to where they were before the recession.