Effective Ways to Train Interns

Internships are a great way for recent grads or entry-level candidates to transition into a new position or gain relevant skills and experience before launching a long-term career.  But how do you go about providing this training without relying solely on handbooks or turning them into coffee runners?  The article, “3 Effective Ways to Train Your Interns,” by Victoria Reitano offers methods that will benefit both the intern and the employer. They are…
1. Grunt Work- Scale their ability and attitude towards seemingly meaningless tasks
2. Shadowing- engage them in everyday business and how it is conducted
3. Freedom to develop their own ideas instead of following current methods, teaching critical thinking skills
These tips are designed to help interns succeed at the tasks you designate and allow them to gain the skills they can use in their future careers, not just their summer job. Visit the article for examples of how these tips are applied.