Be Your Own Advocate at Work

When taking a new opportunity, it can be daunting and you might find yourself on the bottom of the totem pole or feeling like an outsider: but instead of cracking under the pressure or cutting your losses, you should confront the issues head on and become your own advocate in your career.  The article, “Feeling Frustrated? How to Advocate for Yourself at Work,” by Lea McLeod offers methods on how to become your own advocate and better poise yourself for a satisfying and fulfilling career.  They are…
1. First and foremost…BELIEVE in yourself and what you can bring to the table
2. Remember if you don’t tell people how you feel, they won’t know.  Don’t assume people can read your mind and your frustrations
3. Get a back story so you can better see the big picture
4. Don’t let negative experiences over-shine the positives.  Keep everything in perspective
5. Think about HOW you ask questions to better identify a problem and create a solution
6. Pre-plan your conversation with co-workers or managers with specific points you would like to address.
The article goes into further detail outlining a specific occurrence and plan framed around a persons struggle to be taken seriously in the workplace.  Visit the article for more in-depth explanation and examples.