Dealing With Emails on Vacation

It’s always a little tricky taking time off from work; business doesn’t suddenly stop when you leave the office, it’s fluid and easy to get behind.  So how do you take time off and avoid that looming feeling you are going to return to a bombardment of emails leading to you working on your so-called “vacation?”  The article, “How to Deal with Email on Your Vacation,” by Alex Cavoulacos aims to help you relax by offering suggestions on what to do before, during and after your vacation.

  • Spring clean your inbox
  • Prep clients and colleagues
  • Add an auto reply

During- If you ABSOLUTELY must check your emails

  • Check it every few days so you still get a break
  • Use a smartphone
  • Focus on the urgent messages


  • Give yourself time to get back up and running

With a little preparation you are sure to be able to relax without being overwhelmed upon your return!