Things You Should Do at the End of the Day

Part two continuing from last Friday, this week we are covering what you should be doing at the close of your work day.  Jacquelyn Smith lays it out in her article, “16 Things You Should Do At The End Of Every Work Day.” They are…
1.  Go over your to-do list
2. Review your calendar for tomorrow
3. Check in with colleagues and managers
4. Clean up your area
5. Do work that is best done after hours
6. Tie up loose ends
7. Make a to- do list for the next day
8. Reflect
9. Make a list of what you accomplished
10. Say good-bye to colleagues
11. DON’T make any last minute calls or return any last minute emails
12. Leave on a good note
13. Disconnect from work
14. Plan for your commute
15. Leave work stress at work
16. Go home and be home
The article goes into further detail on why each of these are important to add to your routine and ultimately make you a better employee and happier person!