Cut It Short

The most effective communication is short and concise; doesn’t contain a lot of clutter.  Getting to the point quickly and effectively is a skill not all have mastered.  The article, “Are Your Emails Too Long? (Hint: Probably),” by Elliott Bell points out that the Gettysburg address was only 271 words long, as opposed to a work email regarding coffee spanning 350.  The point being, cut it short, and get to the point! Bell goes on to provide a cheat sheet to making your emails shorter, including….

  • Cut the Fluff
  • Cut out Extra Words
  • Be Concise, but NOT Confusing

**Extra tip** keep your word counter on so you can keep track of your progress
Visit the article for specific examples

  • Always re-read it while thinking about how you could shorten it, if you can’t think of how, YOU GOT IT!