Become a Time Management Master

Changing or creating new habits can prove to be a difficult task; but being active and committed to making a change will surely result in a better, and more productive you.  The article, “12 Time Management Habits to Master in 2013,” by Pat Brans utilizes logic outlined by Benjamin Franklin to suggest ways to change habits to be more productive with your time.  They are…
1. Be authentic and honest
2. Form trusting relationships
3. Maintain a high energy lifestyle
4. Organize your day around your body’s rhythm
5. Set and stick to few priorities
6. Learn how to say no
7. Focus on one thing at a time
8. Learn efficiency
9. Set up a process
10. Be proactive, not reactive
11. Break down your goals
12. Do things that are Important
Visit the article for greater detail
By focusing on one of these each week, and rotating throughout the year, you will find that each habit will become second nature instead of an active goal to strive for.   Here is to a productive year!