Be Happier at Work

With work consuming 40+ hours a week of your life, it is important you spend those hours being happy.  According to the article, “15 Ways to Be Happier at Work,” by Geoffrey James, the key to being happy at work greatly depends on your ability to manage your emotions.  The author also provides tips on how to accomplish just that.  They are…
1. Be Assertive
2. Be Self-aware
3. Be Empathic
4. Be Solution-focused
5. Be Appreciative
6. Be Proud and Humble
7. Be Growth-minded
8. Be Independent
9. Be Kind
10. Be Communicative
11. Be Realistic
12. Be Flexible
13. Be Optimisitic
14. Be Resilient
15. Be Prudent
Visit the article to learn specific ways to implement these tips into your work-life.