A Spooky Day at R.M.A. !

Recruiter log: Oct. 31, 2012: Kaylee Turner reporting creepy occurances at RMA. In the tune of a poem:

To recruit on all hallows eve seemed the most out of wack,

I set foot in the office, and saw recruiters, Akshat and Zack…


“Such infants cannot possibly source!” I shout,

Then, from around the corner, peers Lindsay the Girlscout.

scouts honor!

My palms became clammy, I started to frown,


as dearest Lindsay explained that she now works for a clown!

The room was spinning, with so many tricks, and not enough treats

I started to hear the buzzing of a bee!


I’M ALLERGIC! I cry, and run back to my desk,

Surely I cant recruit today, working with such pesks.

Then out of nowhere, not a normal sight to be seen,

but my boss, Tricia, dressed as a  Spider Queen!

spider queen

Things must go back to normal, they must not get badder,

All of a sudden I hear the cackling laugh of an insanely Mad Hatter

mad hatter

Russ has clearly gone crazier than a cat that has not been neutered,

I then look to my right and see some batty recruiters!


I then get an inbox from the funky Ms. Juliette, the new goddess of funk

telling me my Pipeline is just full of junk


I was beginning to feel much lighter on my feet,

I bounded and dove, and made a few flinch, yeah!


The halloween curse had taken me over

It seemed as if I had turned into a Ninja!


From the office of RMA, we hope that you have the spookiest day!