You’re Smart! Don’t Blow It!

When searching for a new job, the most important part can be the actual interview; and in a tight market, you have to make the most of what could be a rare opportunity.  Unfortunately, many very intelligent people don’t put their best foot forward during this crucial step in the process, and find themselves out of the race, and confused.  The article, “10 Ways Intelligent Job Seekers Blow Their Interviews,” by Todd Moster, aims to help prepare you for your next interview, by telling you what most people do wrong, including…
1. Not Having a Plan
2. Not Researching the Company You are Interviewing With
3. Not Adequately Preparing
4. Not Dressing For the Occassion
5. Not Being On Time
6. Acting Inappropriately in the Reception Area
7. Asking  About Salary Too Soon
8. Not Asking Questions
9. Spontaneously Answering Questions
10. Telling “War Stories”
The article goes into further detail about why each of these blunders may lead to no follow-up phone call, and also how you can avoid them and make the best first impression possible.  By avoiding these common mistakes, you are sure to land the job, and better your career.