You Can’t Learn to Lead on Your Own

The phrase “born leader” gets thrown around quite often, but what most people don’t know, is that the ability to be a leader is a skill that must be developed, studied, and perfected consistently.  The article, “7 Reasons You Can’t Learn Leadership on Your Own,” by Brian Evje  outlines why this is a skill that can be honed and why it is important to do so.  They are…
1. Leadership development works!
2. Leadership can be taught and learned
3. Observing is NOT the same as developing
4. Many board members/investors are not good leaders
5. Leadership is about power
6. You can’t always see the ice crack under your feet
7. The future is not the past
Visit the article for a more in-depth explanation of these points, and ask yourself the critical questions needed to determine your leadership potential.