Words That Can Hurt Your Resume

Your resume serves as a vessel to get your foot in the door at a potential employers, so choose your words carefully.  One phrase or slew of words can make or break your chances of getting an interview.  The article, “Words that Hurt: 10 Overused Terms to Remove from your Resume,” by Robert Half aims to make you aware of cliches that need not make an appearance on your resume.  They are…
1. Hard worker
2. Self-starter
3. Team player
4. Highly Qualified
5. Dynamic
6. Problem Solver
7. Reliable
8. Familiar With
9. Flexible
10. People Person
Most of these examples are on this list because they are subjective and in need of concrete details or evidence to back up your claims.  Play it safe and leave them at home.
Visit the article for further explanation on why these can be deal-killers.