Why You Didn’t Get the Job

When interviewing for new positions, there is most likely other candidates in the race, and sometimes you don’t land the job: where did you go wrong? The article, “7 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job,” by Lindsay Cross, offers insight into reasons why another candidate might have drawn the offer.  They are…
1. You Didn’t Follow-Up
2. You Didn’t Research Your Audience
3. You Were Overly Ambitious
4. You “Aired Your Dirty Laundry”
5. You Neglected Your Body Language
6. You Spoke Poorly of Your Colleagues
7. You Lacked Confidence
If you are guilty of any of these during an interview process and lost out on an offer, they could be to blame.  Visit the article for a more in-depth explanation of why these are considered blunders and how to rectify them during your next interview.