What You Must Do For Your Career This Fall

The weather is getting cooler and vacations are over: fall is here, but what does that mean for your career?  Adrian Granzella Larssen puts together a list of ‘to-dos’ for this season in the article, “4 Must-Dos for Your Career This Fall;” whether you are looking to change jobs or just get ahead! They are…
1. Go back to school- Take a course or training seminar to sharpen your skills to benefit both your current and long-term career goals.
2. Set a Goal for the end of the year- These could prove easier to keep than your New Year’s resolutions !
3. Re-energize your elevator speech- There will be a lot of upcoming holiday parties that it could come in handy at.
4. Make sure you have work-free zones- Just because beach season is over doesn’t mean you still might need a little break every so often.  Make a room in your house or a time of day a strict work free zone to give yourself a break in the action.