What Interviewers Want You to Know

During an interview, you have limited time to prove to a hiring manager that you have what it takes to not only get the job done, but fit in with the organization.  Prepping for an interview is the best way to accomplish this, and the article, “What Interviewers Wish They Could Tell Every Job Candidate,” by Jeff Haden, provides information about what potential employers are looking for in your candidacy.  They are…

  • Be Likeable, and let your personality shine through
  • Don’t immediately say YES!
  • Be an individual, stand apart from the competition in a POSITIVE way
  • Ask questions about what is important to you relating to the position
  • Do your homework, and bring examples
  • Be prepared to explain why you want the job
  • Be genuine with your follow up

These are all tricks to mastering an interview and ways to keep your honest in your job search.  Visit the article for more in-depth detail on how you can prepare and conquer your next interview from the beginning to the follow-up.