Ways to Quickly Improve your Skill Set

In today’s era, everyone is interested in ways to quickly achieve something.  The drawn out process of improvement is less ideal in a fast-paced environment.  Caroline Ceniza-Levine, of forbes.com, has compiled several simple ways to elevate your professional skill sets.  Suggested are writing down both personal and professional “wins.”  The personal wins are to serve as a boost for your confidence and the professional wins will be key elements in your favor during a performance review.  Additionally, she recommends implementing a practice of timing yourself for 5 minutes to brainstorm ideas.  The ideas should cover both ways your company can improve and options to make money besides your current job– 5 minutes to brainstorm for each.  These will serve as ways to improve your company personally (things you can speak of!) and if you feel as though you need to change jobs, reminders that there are other options out there.
Ceniza-Levine covers several other ways to improve your skill set and perspective.  Read the article, “More Career Management Moves In 5 Minutes Or Less,” to better understand these options.