Tips For a Successful Phone Interview

More often than not, your first interaction with a potential employer will be over the phone, so it is important to make the best first impression possible to land a follow-up interview in person.  The article, “Top 10 Tips for a Successful Telephone Interview,” by Jez Styles provides easy steps to follow to give yourself the best shot of getting a second interview. They are…
1. Be in the right environment
2. Be prepared
3. Be sitting in front of a mirror
4. DO NOT actively listen
5. Ask interviewer to repeat questions
6. Pause Regularly
7. Change your pace, tone, and pitch
8. Pre-practice a run through of your resume
9. Build rapport
The article further explains how to put each of these into practice and why they are important to employ.  By following these steps you are sure to leave the interviewer with a great first impression and warrant yourself a call back!