The Key to Hiring and Keeping Top Employees

A great organization starts with hiring great people.  All employees play a part in driving the success of your business regardless of the size of their impact.  And once you get top talent, it’s important you be able to keep it.  The article, “Ten Tips to Hiring and Keeping Top Employees,” compiled by Heather Brighton and Geri Stengel posted on provides advice on attracting and keeping A players. They are…
1. Never Stop Recruiting
2. Know What/Who You are Looking For
3. Interview Multiple Candidates
4. Ask Probing Questions
5. Always Check References
6. Set Clear Expectations
7. Offer Attractive Compensation Packages
8. Introduce New Employees to Officemates
9. Develop People to Their Full Potential
10. Conduct Exit Interviews
The authors provide further detail on how each of these will benefit your company and why they are important. By adding these practices to your hiring process and continued employee interfacing, you are sure to breed a successful organization!