The Industry Swap Option

The article, “Change your Industry, Change your Luck, by Kevin Fogarty disproves the idea behind avoiding the application for a position due to lacking experience in a particular field. Fogarty writes that the lack of experience in particular field  is not going to ruin chances of making a refreshing career change. It is never too late to evolve into a new field. The smooth transition involves zeroing in on your skills sets, and transferring such skills to the new industry. One doesn’t have to look outside of company boundaries familiarize themselves with different opportunities. Fogarty wrote that you can be creative with your career change within your existing company.

“I had one client who didn’t like the company he worked in but ended up pitching a new type  of business to management and leading that himself.”

The key is to zero in on your skill set, have an open mind and go for it!
PS: You can start by checking out some of RMA’s open positions 🙂