The Culpability of Free Speech – 5th Post: The Issue (continued)

Notice the following from our prior post:
• “seeing what to them is…”
• “what they perceive to be…”
• “makes them feel like…”
In other words, we are not required to take responsibility for the feelings and reactions of others, but we should take responsibility for being the catalyst for those feelings and actions.
Many might be thinking this only refers to extreme examples, and we can all think of several that have gone viral for their irreverence. However, consider this: according to a poll taken a few weeks after September 11, 2001, George W Bush’s approval rating was at 92%. That means that even at the most favorable of times, if you were vocally in favor of President Bush, there were another 8% who had a differing opinion. There is no such thing as a true safe zone when it comes to common opinion.