Successfully Negotiate Your Salary

Congratulations! You got the job! Now you have to go through the finer details such as the daunting task of negotiating your new salary.  Author Leslie Zaikis of “9 Failproof Salary Negotiation tricks from Kate White,” wants to help you navigate this tricky conversation to get the best offer possible.  They are…
1. Do your research
2. Determine your acceptable, but reasonable range
3. Don’t say a number
4. Be appreciative and grateful while expressing excitement
5. Don’t be afraid to tell them your expectations AFTER they announce their offer first
6. Be patient
7. Be able to work with their counteroffer
8. Ask about more than just base salary
9. Negotiate benefits as well
Visit the article for more information on navigating these steps. By following these tips, you’ll find yourself more confident during the process and better able to negotiate a mutually beneficial salary for yourself and your new employer.