Social Media Mistakes For Older Job Seekers

Social media, being a younger interface can leave older job seekers at a disadvantage: and with social media being an increasingly large piece of a hiring decision, you want to avoid anything that could hurt your chances of landing the job.  The article,  “Seven Social Media Mistakes For Older Job Hunters,” By Kerry Hannon intends to reach out to the less experienced social media users by outlining common mistakes which you should aim to avoid.
1. Being too forthcoming.  Discretion is key on social media
2. Not being aware of what information is available about you on the internet- do a quick google search to see what comes up that may haunt you later.
3. Not having a LinkedIn Page.  LinkedIn is THE social media arena to be involved with when looking for a new job.
4. Oversharing.  Not everyone needs to know everything
5. Not putting enough important information.  There needs to be a balance with not sharing and over-sharing.
6. Not fully utilizing the internet when researching.  The internet is a limitless tool to be used to your advantage!
7. Being too modest.  Let your accomplishments and top qualities be known!