Small Lessons in Leadership – Post 4: Vocabulary

“Employee” has a different connotation than “team member” or “key contributor,” and “I’m going to need you to” comes across differently than “are you open to some feedback.”
Instead of “as your boss, it’s my job to make sure that you…” try replacing that with “I know you are trusting me to make sure you succeed on this project; can I offer an alternative perspective?”
When creating a culture of inclusion, take a statement that starts with “you should have” and instead focus on the future with “I know this was a frustrating outcome; with similar projects in the future, perhaps we could try…”
This doesn’t mean one cannot be direct, or deliver a tough message, or operate with authority. It simply means that a strong leader knows that words have power, and is aware of the responsibility that exists to use them with an awareness of the impact they may have.
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