Saying “NO”

It is definitely ok to want to help and take on new projects, but there comes a point when you have to say no, even if it is accompanied by a sense of guilt.  It isn’t always easy to say no, but it is a valuable word when it comes to your mounting extracurricular task list.  The article, “The Power of ‘NO’,” by Shane Snow outlines in personal detail someone’s struggle with learning the value of saying “no” and the overall benefits it has had on his life personally and professionally.

  • It can make you more productive
  • It leads to innovation
  • It helps you be more helpful
  • It can make you a better communicator- written and spoken
  • Its better for your health

Shane Snow details each of these points and how saying ‘no’ has impacted his life positively.  Visit the article for more information and to learn about his journey to saying ‘no’.