Revealing Signs to Look for When Interviewing a Candidate

After interviewing dozens of candidates for a job, all of their responses may seem to become redundant.  Considering this, it may be difficult to differentiate between which candidate will be the best employee based on their generic answers.  According to, there are some signs that can clue you into which candidates will be the best employees. 
Signs that a candidate will be a good employee include providing extra effort to make in-face interviews (including any amount of travel necessary to make those in-face interviews), knowing extensive information about the company, consistent proficiency in communication skills, and being persistent but not bothersome.  These signs show a candidate is truly interested in the position and your company, and isn’t just applying on a whim.
Signs that a candidate isn’t completely interested or will not be a valuable employee center around showing a lack of effort or focus.  These include not bringing a hard copy of your resume to an interview, arriving late to the interview, focusing more on tasks related to a job that the candidate doesn’t want to do, and highlighting too much extra-curricular interests in proportion to the interest in the job.  It is great for a candidate to have extra-curricular activities and desires, but they shouldn’t be the focus of their interview, as the candidate’s desire in the role itself may need to be questioned.
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