Rainmaker Spotlight: Engineering Manager Seeks Director Level Position in Electrical Manufacturing

Driven Engineering Manager is looking for a Director level position in the electrical manufacturing industry.  This candidate is well-rounded, offering an innovative combination of both MBA with a concentration in marketing and engineering expertise.  Having extensive P&L experience, this rainmaker has been responsible for crucial business decisions regarding product focus and termination.  This individual has spearheaded multiple, successful product launches both nationally and internationally from the planning stages to managing the product in the market.  In addition to product management experience, this rainmaker has design engineering experience.  This experience gives this candidate a competitive edge in fully comprehending a product’s intricate details and transferring that knowledge to realistically implementing a budget and time structure.  This professional is highly motivated, and will drive your organization to higher success.  If interested in this rainmaker, please contact Christopher Luke at 404-327-5207 or cluke@www.rmasales.com.