Practice Makes Perfect

When going into an interview, it is always a good idea to practice before meeting with any potential employers.  Its important to take the necessary preparatory steps including a rehearsal to best position yourself for  a successful interview.  The article, “Practice Makes Perfect: How to Rehearse for Your Next Job Interview,” by Caroline M.L. Potter, offers 10 tips from Corporate Trainer, Marlene Caroselli, to setting up and performing well on a “mock interview” to best prepare you for any upcoming interview.  They are…
1. Do your research
2. Observe other interviews
3. State the unobvious
4. Think outside the box
5. Rehearse talking points or scripts
6. Summarize brief explanations of your career
7. Be tough on yourself and honest
8. Videotape and review your “mock interview”
9. Study your answers and body language
10. Stay calm
All of these tips can be applied in your mock interview and some are to be carried over into the actual face-to-face meeting.  Athletes, practice before a game, and a job interview should be no different: if you go into it prepared and confident, surely you can win!