Part 4: Rainmakers – Who are they? Where are they? How do I recruit, and hire them?

Former GE C.E.O., Jack Welch, implemented the best practice of forced ranking all GE employees in every one of their businesses utilizing their 9 block assessment on an annual basis. The highest ranking a person could receive was A1 (high performance, high potential). Those were GE’s Rainmakers.
In his book titled “Winning”, Mr. Welch said Rainmakers first have integrity, intelligence, and maturity beyond their peers. They have energy and can energize others. They also have the edge it takes to make tough decisions, and they can execute and get things done. He mentions passion as another common denominator. He writes about four additional characteristics: authenticity, ability to see around corners (i.e. vision), ability to surround themselves with people better and smarter than they are, and finally heavy-duty resilience.