Only 3 Weeks Left To Participate! Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship

Please help us carry on Russ’ legacy and consider a donation to the Russ Mountain Memorial Scholarship today.

I have struggled what to post in the last couple of weeks about Russ and this scholarship. Today, I decided to go and find the last professional email I received to get some inspiration. There it was! It was an email he sent with regard to RMA and his own personal “What – Why – Where – How”. It was just perfect to post as we close out the final month of fundraising. Today I will share his What and his Why below. Stay tuned next week for his Where and How.

What are we doing? (Our Mission)

RMA brings highly effective leadership to our homes, work place and community:

L: Listen to all our stakeholders

E: Excellence in all we do

A: Ask great questions

D: Deliver on all our commitments

Why? (Our Motivation)

To provide well for the future of ourselves and our families while fully enjoying making a positive difference for others.