No “Big Deal”

As a smaller scale executive staffing firm, we would like to take the time this holiday season to introduce ourselves by teams at Rowland Mountain and Associates. This week, team Big Deal is featured, with Katie Owens representing via a short questionaire. Enjoy getting to know our own Rainmaker!

1) Proudest moment at RMA:

Hmm. That’s a hard one and I don’t know if I could pick just one. Probably when I made my first placement.

2) Something that motivates you when you’re down:

You never know what the next call might bring. It just might be the candidate you’ve been you been searching for and perhaps the search were working on is just what they’ve been hoping for.

3) Why you love recruiting:

There is nothing about the tactical day in and day out stuff that I love about recruiting. But what I DO love, that’s easy. Its speaking with a candidate and knowing that what I have to offer can impact their life in such a  positive way. Maybe its shortening their commute by 45 minutes one way or helping them to relocate closer to family. Maybe it’s giving them a shot at a VP level role when they could only ever hope to be a director in their current company. All of these are examples of candidates that I have placed in the last year.

4) Current life events that are noteworthy?

Not really, Curtis (my husband) and I are pretty boring although I do see house hunting in the foreseeable future!

Anything else you might want to add:

RMA is an awesome company to work for and it’s because of the people!