LinkedIn Mistakes

LinkedIn is becoming a staple in the business world when it comes to professional networking and hiring. You have to have the right amount of information on your profile, join groups with the right type of people, connect and get recommendations; but what about the things you are doing wrong? The article “9 Mistakes You’re Making on LinkedIn,” by Jeff Haden provides insight to the mistakes you might be making. ¬†They are…
1. You write a recommendation expecting one in return
2. You don’t recommend anyone at all
3. Wait to polish your profile and build connections until you need to
4. You forget your personality
5. You ignore the signs
6. You don’t share
7. You don’t care
8. You ignore your network
9. You use generic messages
Visit the article below more more information on these mistakes and how you can rectify them to get the most out of this useful tool!