Labor Day “Holiday”

Most Americans across the nation enjoyed a three-day weekend in celebration of Labor Day, but how many people actually took a day off from the usual grind?  The article, “Labor Day Blues: Americans Work Off The Clock,”by Dan Mangan, cites studies and surveys revealing a strong decline in work/life balance as more people are doing work-related tasks during their off hours.  The article states statistics such as 91% of employed Americans work during their personal time, and 36% work more than 10 hours outside of the usual 9 to 5. Later paragraphs offer some explanation as to why this is; offering up, people don’t want to get too far behind, often not taking any time off at all to avoid the stress of having to catch up.  The other side of this coin is, NOT taking any time off can lead to the same result.
The moral of the story here is, it is okay to work hard, even more, but be sure to take some time for yourself and both your personal and professional life will benefit.