How to Communicate Efficiently in the Workplace

As I am sitting in my cubicle with extreme writers block, I decide to possibly look up another article to use, aside from the one mentioned in the title. While I am a fan of Twitter, I realized that my skills may be a little rusty, so I Googled tips on Tweeting for a business.


I’ve realized that Twitter is an efficient tool that can be used for brief and concise communication. Tweets require that your message holds 140 characters or less. If you want any sort of response, you need to be as clear as possible, or your tweet’s purpose is defeated.
The same, basic idea goes for communicating in the workplace. In the article, “10 Tips to Improve Workplace Communication“, Mark Craemer explains  ten simple steps in communicating with efficiency at work.
So if you’re in charge of Twitter at your office, and also are generally required to talk to anyone, take some time to follow these tips, they are interchangeable!

Don’t be like Michael Scott- The over-communicator