Goal Stating 101

We all have that friend or family member who tends to leave voice messages that are 4 minutes too long, and never seem to reach a point! In a recent LinkedIn article, Peter Gruber explains the benefits in being straight-forward with goals, specifically in the workplace.
Instead of waiting until the end of a meeting to illustrate a goal, clearly state it in the beginning. Gruber writes that by stating a goal in the beginning of a meeting, “you still have time left in the meeting to work out logistics or deal points.”  Listening to find out where your audience stands in relation to your goal in the beginning is also crucial. Ensure that your employees know exactly “What’s in it for them.”  Your listeners will be motivated to reach the proposed end result by knowing that it involves them in some way. lastly, it is important to have an open mind in introducing your goal, having the feedback can help to streamline you goal, and will also help motivate your employees to reach it.
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