Highly Experienced Commercial Leader Seeks Executive Position

This candidate boasts a proven ability to lead global, diverse teams of professionals to new levels of performance and success within the Infrastructure and Specialty Materials industry. In past experience this candidate has managed a cross-function team of more than 15 professionals, with a variety of skills including sales, marketing, supply chain, finance and distribution. There is no shortage of quantifiable experience to prove this candidates success, as their contributions have resulted in 36% increased sales, and an improvement in margins above 63% in two years.
This candidate is a very strong, hands-on, lead by example commercial leader that has progressed through the ranks from the very ground level to a country manager with full P&L responsibilities. Being fluent in three languages, this candidate is  especially perfect for multicultural environments. In addition to having a six sigma green belt, this rainmaker has consistently delivered double digit sales growth.
You want this rainmaker on your side to add the most value to your business!
If you have an opportunity you would like to potentially fill with this candidate, please contact our Search Associate, Jessica Brown, at jbrown@www.rmasales.com or via phone at 4043275219.