Helping a Friend Out With a Job Search

We all have at least one friend who is in the market for a new job, and your first inclination will be to lend a helping hand and any support you possibly can.  But how exactly do you go about REALLY helping them land the perfect match.  Job hunts can be stressful enough for the searcher without added pressure or sudden massive influx of advice.  The article, “How to (Really) Help a Friend Job Search,” by Katie Douthwaite offers the do’s and don’ts to dealing with a job hunting friend.  They are…

  • Help look online/keep an eye out for possible job postings that could be of interest.  After all, networking is the number one way to land a new job
  • Network with them.  Offer to accompany them to any social networking events, they can be a little intimidating to go solo.
  • Send job listings their way when you find one


  • Offer advice too quickly. You might want to wait for the invitation, or just wait until you figure out exactly what her search is going to entail.  No two job hunts are the same, and you would hate to give advice not pertinent to their needs.
  • Constantly ask for updates.  You want to be supportive without adding pressure or frustration.

Remember, support not smother is the key.  Be helpful without overbearing and your friend is sure to land the perfect job for them, and might even have YOU to thank.  Visit the article for more in-depth insight into these do’s and don’ts.