Happy Mother’s Day!

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers.  These are the women who tirelessly shaped us into the people we are today.  From day one of our lives, our parents leave the hospital feeling very excited, yet afraid they will “mess us up.”  Children don’t come with owners manuals and the thought of raising a child, with the hope of making the world a better place, can be daunting.  Our parents overcame this innate fear of failure to raise thriving individuals who have their own distinct effect on the world.
Today we thank the mother: the support system, the comforter, the person who spent countless hours with us in the middle of the night, the person we can dream with, the person we can call when something goes wrong, the person who can make us feel better when no one else can.  Our mothers have sacrificed countless facets of their lifestyles to our benefit, and have no regrets about doing so.
Mothers, we thank you for making us the people we are today.