Glimpse into the Life of a Rowland Mountain Intern 3

This week, I am into all kinds of new stuff… phone calls! I am excited because maybe I will get to talk to some of you, but I am also nervous that I will forget questions that I am supposed to ask or something of the sort. I know it will go away once I get started, but that is always the hardest part. This week I have been listening in on some phone calls and will start, full speed ahead next week!

We have a new intern this week, Chris, so we have spent the past few days doing training. Chris has already learned how to source and put candidates, clients, and contacts into our system. You all will learn more about Chris on his employee spotlight. I feel bad that I never mentioned our other intern, Edward, who has been here a week and a half. Edward is only here 3 days a week, but definitely adds a lot of enthusiasm to the office; he will also have an employee spotlight so you can learn more about him.

We have been very busy this week sourcing for all the jobs we got last week. Needless to say, my marketing projects are not getting done as quickly as I thought, but they will get done before I am finished here!

Back to work!